The launch of Land Art Contemporary (LAC) coincided with the 40th anniversary of the creation of the work of art Broken Circle/Spiral Hill, produced by the American artist Robert Smithson (1938-1973) in Emmen at the invitation of Sonsbeek buiten de Perken (Sonsbeek Beyond the pale) in 1971. Broken Circle/Spiral Hill is Smithson’s sole ‘earthwork’ still existing outside the United States, which makes it a unique piece of cultural heritage.
The work and ideas of Smithson to this day continue to be of major importance for the program of Land Art Contemporary. Smithson’s work is characterized by his reflection on the nature-culture dichotomy: the way man relates to planet earth, the relationship between economy and ecology. Topics that are more pressing now than ever before.
In light of this intellectual legacy LAC focuses on presenting existing and new art projects and cultural heritage in the rural environment of Drenthe and beyond. Art projects in and about the landscape have the power to expand our ideas about this unique and varied landscape.

LAC is characterized by a combination of experience in leading processes and a thorough theoretical knowledge of land art. 

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